6 Reasons Why You Should Advertise on Podcasts

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Podcast advertising should no longer be missing from any marketing mix. The audio medium offers advertisers many advantages over other media. We have summarised what these are for you in this article.

  1. Targeting:

    Podcasts have a specific audience that is interested in a specific topic or niche. Depending on the thematic focus of the podcast, this target group can be very specific or include a larger cross-section of society. As a result, advertisers can reach their target group accurately and place their message effectively through the conscious selection of formats. In addition, almost half of podcast listeners cannot be reached via social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)1. A large part of the target group would not receive the advertising message without podcasts.

  2. Credibility:

    Podcasts are either hosted by people who are highly regarded by their audience or by experts who speak out on a particular topic based on their knowledge. In both cases, the podcast hosts have built up a certain credibility and trustworthiness with their listeners. Almost 40% of podcast listeners trust the product recommendations of celebrities or influencers1. Now, when hosts recommend a product or service, listeners perceive it as trustworthy, which benefits the advertising effect.

  3. High attention:

    • Podcast listeners are very engaged and focused because they actively listen and focus on the content. In Germany, 18.7% of all users say they do nothing else while listening2. As a result, podcast advertising has a higher chance of being noticed by listeners and having a positive impact.
  4. Flexibility:

    • Podcast advertising can be presented in various formats, e.g. as a spoken advertising message, as a sponsored episode or as an interview. This gives advertisers the opportunity to present and customize their message in a variety of ways.
  5. Long-term effect:

    • In many cases, podcast episodes are listened to for a longer period of time, as they do not become obsolete after a short time like other advertising formats. As a result, podcast advertising has a longer lifespan and can reach potential customers over a longer period of time. This is particularly beneficial for longer-term awareness campaigns.
  6. Measurability:

    • Podcast advertising can be measured and analysed well, e.g. through tracking links or special promo codes. This allows advertisers to understand the success of their campaigns and optimize them.

These benefits make podcast advertising an attractive option for businesses that want to reach their target audience and promote their products or services effectively. For questions and offers, please use our contact form.

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