Do podcast audiences really respond well to advertising?

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A lot of research has gone into understanding the effects of advertising and sponsorships within podcasting. The good news is that podcast consumers remain uniquely receptive to podcast ads and are less likely to avoid them than other digital media ads. Host read ads are especially popular, yet there is an opportunity for more fun and entertaining ads15.

The high engagement and immersive listening experience of podcast listeners makes advertising in podcasts very appealing for brands. In addition, the range of podcast formats and topics not only enables precise advertising targeting, but also ensures a loyal and engaged listener base. This provides advertisers with an optimal opportunity to place their messages.

Kantar 2021 identified that podcast ads are perceived as both better quality and more relevant for audiences than other channels and delivered the highest ad equity amongst digital channels in 2021 (surpassing Influencers for the first time).

  • Brand recall of podcast advertising is high with 85% able to actively remember at least one brand they have heard.
  • 75% of respondents have become aware of new brands through podcast advertising. Thus, podcasts are an optimal medium to include in a company’s marketing mix to increase brand awareness. Podcasts also offer potential for performance-oriented campaigns.
  • 70% of respondents find advertising that is spoken by the host (host-read ads) This clearly sets host-read ads apart from other forms of advertising such as audio spots or producer read ads.
  • 40% have visited the company’s/product’s website in response to the ad.
    • Storytelling, lifestyle and business formats achieve greater than 46%.
  • More than half (54%) of podcast listeners are also considering buying a product that was advertised in a podcast
  • 21% of respondents have made a purchase (rising to >26% for storytelling, sports and business).
  • Podcast advertising is perceived more positively by listeners than radio, TV or social media advertising. 51% of respondents do not find podcast advertising annoying. Only 26% do not find radio advertising annoying.
  • In Austria, 42% state that advertising in podcasts is acceptable, 38% have mixed feelings about podcast advertising but only 6% rate it as clearly negative.

When focusing on podcast listeners who listen to more than 5 hours per week, Podheads are more receptive to podcast ads than light podders: 26 percent of them don’t find them intrusive and are interested in them (vs. 10 percent). 58% of podheads generally say that advertising helps them decide what to buy (vs. 31 percent). 53 percent say that advertising with celebrities has an influence on their purchase decision (vs. 19 percent). 

In conclusion, we know that podcast listeners are more receptive to podcast ads than other mediums.  This is particularly true for Podheads who also say that podcast advertising helps them to decide what to buy and that they are heavily influenced by podcast hosts.  This again makes an ideal audience to communicate with through podcast advertising.

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