Does podcast advertising replace other media channels?

Using data from the Sounds Profitable in the US, we can see that podcast advertising enhances an overall media plan. We know that the reach of podcasting is growing – especially amongst younger demographics but it is also now very close to the reach of some broadcast media. In addition, podcast audiences are increasingly becoming harder to reach through broadcast media as they actively reduce linear media consumption.
What Sounds Profitable identified is that across all 18+ demos;

    • Adding podcasts to radio media plan adds 12% reach
    • Adding podcasts to TV media plan adds 11% reach

This is even greater for target demos:

    • 18-34 – +18% and +19% respectively
    • 25-54 – +12% and +15% respectively

Podcasting provides a unique, additive and younger audience to traditional media buy (the mean age of podcast-only users is 12-20% lower than TV/Radio – only users). As a result, it enhances traditional channels with mid-lower funnel benefits far more effectively than traditional channels.

One of the reasons why podcast advertising works is because podcast listeners are far less saturated by ads than through other mediums. Making it an ideal medium for your message to cut through the noise and reach the ears of your audience.

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