Beziehungsweise Unverblümt – Or rather bluntly

Beziehungsweise Unverblümt – Or rather bluntly

The Nordic cakes Sarah and Nick talk about sex positivity, kinky parties, love, relationships and the colourful queer LGBTQIA+ community.

What happened to Sarah and Nick is what happens to every second relationship: a scam. A profound breach of trust. If it blows up, it acts like an earthquake. Now it is decided whether the relationship continues to exist or has ended. They decide to stay together. But they don’t just want to do everything again as before. They want to use the crisis to rethink their relationship, take their needs seriously and get to know each other even more deeply. Sarah and Nick pluck up the courage to show themselves as they really are. Whether the relationship is polyamorous, open or monogamous: Anyone who wants to have sustainable and trusting relationships at eye level can learn from Sarah and Nick.

There are also always new, exciting guests from the LGBTQIA+ community waiting for you.

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