BE YOUR BRAND – Personal brand and PR

BE YOUR BRAND – Personal brand and PR

“Be your brand” is the podcast that deals with the topic of personal branding. Something that is becoming more and more important in today’s world.

Visibility and the visualization of one’s own strengths, knowledge and passions is absolutely essential. Because if we don’t know what we stand for, what added value we create for others and where we want to go… How, then, are our fellow human beings supposed to know?

Personal branding is about finding your positioning and communicating it to the outside world. You can do this in the same way at events, in the office with your colleagues and superiors, but of course the Internet is also suitable for making your positioning visible. The possibilities are endless: there are numerous social media channels, tools such as blogs, podcasts or Youtube. There is something suitable for everyone.

🚀 What does personal branding do for you?

The answer to this is incredibly diverse and depends on your own personal goals. You will increase your self-esteem, build a sustainable network, increase your follower numbers, attract customers and certainly become more independent of a single employer.

🚀 For whom is personal branding relevant?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a freelancer or an employee. Times are much more fast-paced than they used to be, hardly anyone spends their entire life in one profession, let alone in one and the same company. This is one of the reasons why students and trainees should start to make their skills and passions visible at an early stage, so that others can also perceive them as experts in a certain field.

🚀 What does the podcast “Be your Brand” offer?

On the one hand, personal branding coach Verena Bender shares helpful tips in the solo episodes that support you in building your personal brand.

On the other hand, you will hear interviews with people who have managed to turn their name into a brand. Their tips and stories are intended to inspire and motivate you to take a step further in visibility yourself.

Previous guests in the personal branding podcast “Be your Brand” include Kai Diekmann, Diana zur Löwen, Laura Malina Seiler, Gabor Steingart, Leon Löwentraut, Louisa Dellert, Dorothee Bär, Tanit Koch, Felix Thönnessen and many others.