The Podcast Advertising Market

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The podcast advertising world has accelerated in the last few years as more brands target audiences in highly engaged environments.  This is also true for the DACH region.

Understanding how the category has evolved to reach mass audiences will help you to develop a podcast advertising strategy which will resonate, engage and deliver your business objectives.

So, whether you are currently based in the DACH region, or you are looking to reach audiences across the German-language podcast market, this blog helps you to understand the German-language podcast advertising market.

Firstly, there are over 90K German-language podcasts which audiences are listening to across the market.  This figure is an indication of just how many hours are available for people to listen to and shows that podcasts are no longer a category for niche audiences only. The scale of the opportunity for businesses to reach these audiences through the podcasts has shifted dramatically in recent years.

The rest of the world tends to follow a few years behind the US market, and based on the latest IAB study, we can see that the rapid growth of the podcast advertising revenues are showing no signs of slowing down.  The growth in 2022 was +26% to $1.8 billion and is projected to more than double to $4 billion by 2025.  Within the European digital audio market, GroupM project that the €772 million in ad spend in 2022 is set to surpass the €1 billion mark by 2025.

Specifically within podcasting, the net advertising revenues in Germany during 2022 amounted to around €38 million, according to the German Digital Economy Association (BVDW). An increase to 42 million euros is forecast for 2023.

Source: PWC/IAB U.S. Podcast Advertising Revenue Study April 2023


Advertisers and agencies’ top three drivers for audio investment include the channel’s ability to enhance wider media plans (65%), raise brand awareness (55%), and reach specific audiences (48%). Almost half (47%) of advertisers and agencies state audio advertising is either their top or among their top media choices.

Brand building campaigns now account for 61% of podcast advertising spend and Direct response campaigns account for 39%. This represents an 8 percentage point increase yoy and is a dramatic shift from the 73% direct response share in 2016!

In conclusion, podcasts have become a vital addition to media plans for many businesses.  The growing podcast advertising market across the DACH region means that not only are you able to identify the best shows to reach your audience, but you also have very good reach available to you at any budget level.  Creating content which resonates with this very engaged audience will ensure that you can benefit from both brand and direct response opportunities to drive your business objectives.

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