Why Do People Listen To Podcasts?

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Podcasting is an intimate medium. In fact, “93% of podcasts are listened to alone gives them a lot of potential for exceptional storytelling that listeners can truly invest in. This is a medium that really engages your cognitive prowess and has the ability to transport you into a place, situation or conversation.

Looking more specifically at how and when people listen to podcasts, things become much more interesting. The most loyal listeners, Podheads, listen to podcasts while doing other things at the same time, especially when running errands (26 vs. 5 percent light podders) and shopping (18 vs. 6 percent light podders). Some of the most popular genres amongst these listeners include kids & family (20 vs. 8 percent light podders) and technology podcasts (23 vs. 11 percent light podders).

These Podheads are comparatively more likely to use this media format primarily for further education (26 vs. 15 percent light podders) and inspiration (29 vs. 21 percent light podders). And, mainly use Apple Podcasts (19 vs. 8 percent light podders) and Amazon Music Unlimited (14 vs. 5 percent light podders).

Podcast listening is also not a passive activity…..users must take effort to listen – they go to their player of choice and choose to commit time to their latest episode. Therefore, they want to gain something from the experience whether it’s to be educated, entertained or informed.

In conclusion, because we know that podcast audiences are more engaged with the content that they are listening to, (particularly Podheads who are heavy listeners), they are an ideal audience to be reaching with your advertising message in a very effective way.

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