Why podcasts SHOULD be part of your media mix

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Podcasts have been growing in popularity in recent years for advertisers, but there is a surprising number of brands who have not yet explored this channel.  If you still need convincing, we have explored some of the key reasons why podcasting should be part of your media mix below.  In addition, take a look at our article What are the benefits of podcast advertising? to get to grips with the core benefits of podcast advertising.

In Germany, 37% age 16+ have listened to a podcast in the last month.  This is on average 5 to 6 episodes per week and millions of listening hours.  The figures are very similar in Austria and Switzerland.  See our article on who listens to podcasts? for a more in-depth analysis of listeners.

BUT, the big challenge that brands have is understanding how they can tap into these audiences effectively.  And, whether they should even include podcasts in the media mix.

So let’s break it down.  We know that podcast advertising and sponsorship can be effective in its own right (see What are the benefits of podcast advertising?).  However, it’s also proven that adding podcasts into the media mix supercharges the campaign.  So, what you are seeing is a +34% multiplier effect to pure radio advertising, therefore improving reach and impact of a broader campaign. The same rule applies when digital or video campaigns have podcasts added to the mix.

In addition, podcasts are not a substitution for radio in a media plan…..they are effectively taking up media dead time.  Therefore, effectively helping you to target your audience and extending your reach beyond what traditional media channels can do for you.

Creatively, there should also be a difference in your radio vs your podcast campaign.  This is because radio has to fight for attention in the room and podcasts are much more ‘lean in’.

So…..if audiences are ‘leaning in’, how do gently get your message across without simply shouting at them……this means that creative needs to be bespoke to a podcasting audience.  Drawing them in and building trust with the brand.

The recent Cumulus and Signal Hill Insights study has summarised the relationship between the listener and the advertiser:

  • The longer you have been listening to podcasts, the more podcasts you consume: Average weekly time spent with podcasts and the average number of podcast shows and episodes listened to increases as podcast consumer tenure increases.
  • Podcast advertising captures hard-to-reach, ad-free video streamers: Weekly podcast consumers are also heavy viewers of ad-free video streaming services.
  • Podcast consumers want more content: Most weekly consumers follow hosts on social media and plan to attend live podcast events. When considering paid subscriptions, they value exclusive content/access ahead of an ad-free experience.
  • Advertiser use of podcast ads continues to grow at a breakneck pace: In the Advertiser Perceptions study, advertisers say their use of podcasts has jumped from 15% to 61% in the past seven years, up 16 points in the last year alone.
  • Funny and entertaining ads offer a creative opportunity: While podcast consumers remain highly receptive to podcast ads, they prefer funny and entertaining podcast ads in contrast to the more rational podcast ads they currently hear most often.

So, what should you make of all of this information? Put simply,

  • Podcasts are an effective, and efficient, way of meeting your brand objectives
  • They should be factored into your broader media mix to extend your reach and engagement with the audience.
  • Podcast listeners are super-consumers of content. Therefore, consider how you can broaden a simple podcast sponsorship with a wider campaign across all of the podcast-hosts platforms (think social, events etc here)

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